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Planetary Union
The events of the Orville series take place in the 25th century, in the distant future. By this time our planet became highly developed and entered the intergalactic planetary union. Earthlings have become a peaceful civilization, which is eager to explore the space around itself and successfully collaborates with other researchers. The main characters are going on an expedition on a space ship. Both people and aliens are aboard. Together they intend to go to distant space to find out how things are going far from them.
At the speed of light
The spaceship “Orville” is able to exceed the speed of light, which is a necessity for success. Not only research, but also combat ships are at the disposal of the interplanetary union since no one knows what is going to happen there. The team is led by Ed Mercer. Since his childhood he dreamed of becoming a captain of a space ship, but could not imagine which difficulties he might encounter. In this journey he will feel a burden of responsibility and learn to make decisions quickly and accurately.
Difficulty in relations
Ed was married, but his relationship with his wife did not go as smoothly as he planned. He and Kelly had lived together for a short time and quickly divorced. Now the captain of the ship is appointed to help his ex-wife. Will they be able to find a common language, fulfilling an important mission? In the series Orville the ship travels to remote parts of the universe, where they are waiting for surprises, pleasure and something eerie. There is often an awkward silence between the leaders, the relations are tense, but the goal should motivate them to seek mutual understanding.

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