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Most likely, you have heard the name Van Helsing. However, who is he? He is a fighter with evel who destroys supernatural creatures. He is a hunter for vampires, werewolves and other dark souls that are dangerous for the lives of many communities. He has a large arsenal of weapons provided by the Vatican. Once, Van Helsing finds out that people of Transylvania need his help. The residents face a terrible disaster, the name of which is Count Dracula. He has large number of creatures that can wipe out the region from its people.

The main character meets Anna Valerie, who lives in Transylvania and tries to protect her people. Her family was killed by Count Dracula. Her aim is to kill the Count. Anna wants to avenge the murder of her beloved brother.

Count Dracula strives to revive his stillborn offspring (a new monstrous race of vampires) in order to gain power over the whole world. To do this, he builds a laboratory in the mountains of Transylvania and invites Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who enlivens a strong monster with electricity. This monster is the key to revitalizing the new vampire race. Van Helsing and Anna must hinder Dracula’s plan and destroy him.

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