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The Frontier TV series tells us the breathtaking story about the eighteenth-century America, with its undeveloped territories and immense riches that belong to the local tribes. Only just at this time the colonists begin to arrive to this new continent, with the desire to enrich themselves and grab their tidbit from this huge and “fruitful pie”.

It is here that huge stocks of furs, gold mines, which attract a huge number of people from the Old World, want to enrich themselves and get a lot of exciting and unforgettable impressions. That’s why there are terrible, violent clashes between the local inhabitants and the colonists, in which many people die. Europeans are not going to retreat and leave these lands aside, they use a variety of ways to stop the aborigines, from the easiest – alcohol solicitation and ending with cruel, merciless physical suppression. People are willing to risk their own lives and the lives of their beloved ones, if only to earn as much money as possible, and the ways of enrichment are right under their feet, one must simply be able to take all this!

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