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Captain Rip Hunter is able to control time. He agrees to settle the problem (the awful future that can face the humanity). The name of the main evil character is Vandal Savage. If he is not killed, then a large number of people will be wiped from the planet. Captain Hunter is looking for a team, which can stop the villain. In order to achieve this aim, he returns in 2016 and recruits people which can stop the death of humanity. To fulfill his obligations, Rip recruits people with incredible abilities, as well as several criminals, whose skills and abilities will prove very useful. The legends of tomorrow are about fascinating adventures and exciting events, namely clashes with unreal and cruel enemies. However, can Rip’s team fight against absolute evil and save the whole world? Can the Good win this fight and who will help the main characters at the crucial moment? The fate of all humanity is at stake and now it remains only to observe and hope.

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