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“The Gifted” won the hearts of many film critics and was nominated for a large number of awards. Director Mark Webb showed the audience conflict and parental love through generations.

Frank Adler single-handedly brings up his niece Mary. They live in a small town in Florida, happy with their lives. But things change when Mary goes to school as Frank insisted. The girl is not interested in solving easy tasks with classmates, because her gift is a great mathematical mind. She can solve big mathematical tasks in her mind and easily multiply three-digit numbers at eight years old.

Frank hid the fact that his niece was gifted, for fear that she would not have a childhood, like his sister. He wanted his niece to grow up among her classmates and have calm life of an ordinary child. But Frank’s mother and grandmother Mary do not want this. Evelyn Adler plans to raise her granddaughter as a genius mathematician, ignoring the girl’s wishes.

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