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People against the virus
Series The last Ship was produced by producer Michael Beye who is known to most of the viewers because he also produced the movie Transformers 3. The series The last Ship tells the story of the sailors who escaped infection and are now trying to save humanity. The idea of ​​the series is taken from the book of William Brinkley which gained immense popularity in due time. However, in the book events developed around the confrontation of two super powers – the USSR and the US what in our time is no longer relevant. Therefore Michael Bay changed the plot a little, placing an unknown virus as an enemy.

Sailors save humanity
Nathan James DGG-80 is an American military destroyer who was on a long voyage at a time when a terrible attack hit the Earth. The entire population was affected by a deadly virus that over 80% of people managed to capture. Now the crew under the command of Tom Chandler will have to find the necessary medicine and join the fight against an unknown infection. You can watch the Last Ship series and be the first to learn what the crew will go through, what will save mankind from the virus. Another negative factor in the struggle for life is that the destroyer’s team is afraid of becoming a victim of the disease and therefore some crew members decide to start a riot against the ship’s captain.

One captain against many problems
The last Ship has collected a beautiful cast. The role of the captain was given to Eric Dane. According to the scenario, he is very brave, can make unexpected decisions, on which not only the fate of the crew, but also of the entire humanity depends. In achieving the goal, he is helped by Rachel Scott, who was played by the famous actress Ron Mitra.

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